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Tzav: Ben Porat Yosef: The Flame of Teshuva

The 10th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yosef Chajes of Lemberg, author of Ben Porat Yosef. He died on Febraury, 14, 1685. “This is the law of the Olah, the elevation-offering; it is the elevation offering that stays on the flame.” This is the story of a man who desires to return to God, to do Teshuva. He wants to rise, Olah, higher than he was before his sin. He understands that he must raise, Olah, everything he does to a higher level. His desire for Teshuva burns inside his soul like the flame of the Altar and empowers all he does to Olah, to rise higher and higher, until he has offered his being to God as a Korban.


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