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Two Straight Lines

“For the ways of God are straight.” (Hosea 14:10) the Shelah HaKodesh (Torah Ohr – Rosh Hashanah 3) asks why the word “straight” is in the plural form in Hebrew, “Yesharim,” rather than “Yashar.”

The Shelah answers that Hosea is describing two different creations of “Straight:” the first is that God creates us straight. We begin life with a tabula rasa, clean and pure. There is a second creation of Yashar, that when we do Teshuva, we can regain that perfect straightness.

I prefer the second Yashar to the first; I revel in the gift of being able to access the straightness that follows Teshuva, the restored bar, without dents or scars from its bend and repair. I love the sense of the Yashar that is always available, not just something that I once had.

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