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Tu B’Av: Shidduch Time

The maidens of Jerusalem would go out and dance in the vineyards, singing: “Young man, raise your eyes and see what you choose for yourself. (Ta’anit 26b) 

Ta’anit 31a:

Whoever lacked a wife would turn to these dances to find one.

This was a day of Shiduchim – Marriage Matches. This was the first dating service.

The 15th of Av is forty days before the 25th of Elul – the first day of Creation. Adam was created on Friday, the first day of Creation – Rosh Hashana – which means that creation began on the 25th of Elul.

The Talmud teaches that 40 Days before the formation of a child in the womb, it is declared in heaven, whom he or she will marry. The shidduch is made 40 days before the beginning.

The 15th of Av is the Shidduch day of the world – it is the day on which the skills, relationships, qualities, and gifts necessary for a human being to achieve his or her purpose in the world, are all determined.

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