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Chanukah: Transforming Through Love

I heard from my master, the Baal Shem Tov, that creation came about through Justice, which is the Constriction (Mavo Sh’arim 1:1:1). Constriction is an aspect of Justice, since Love gives without restraint, while Justice holds back, only giving what is fitting and proper.


This Constriction took place in each and every world. The Light of the Infinite Being constricted itself to such a degree that each world would be able to accept this Liked. Each one would then perceive God’s greatness according to the “ability of its heart (Zohar I:103b).”

All of this is the Unity of the Infinite Being.

The Infinite Being is omnipotent, and can therefore also exist with measure, boundary and constriction. Both the Light and its Constriction, however, are ultimately all one Unity.

The judgment and suffering that come to a person are like a body to the soul and spiritual Life Force that shines upon man. This Life Force is God’s Essence, the Infinite Light that gives existence to all things.

When a person accepts suffering with joy, he brings about a unification. He unifies the vessel and body, which are an aspect of Constriction and Justice, with the soul, which is joy and spiritual life.

When these two concepts are unified and joined together, Justice is nullified and transformed into Love. (Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Komarna; Zohar Chai; Midrash Ha’Ne’elam 1:119)

Spiritual-Tools-ChanukahApplication: Light the Hannukah candles with joy that is more powerful than all the suffering and pain in your life. Have in mind that this joy should transform Justice into Love.

Sing the Hanukkah Hallel with this same Love that is more intense and powerful than all your suffering and pain.

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