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Torat Yekutiel: Choosing Your Path

The 24th of Cheshvan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Raphael Kohen of Hamburg (1722-1803). Rosh yeshiva in Minsk at the age of 19, Rav Raphael became Rav of Pinsk in 1763. In 1776, he became Rav of the joint community of Altoona, Hamburg, and Wandsbek (AHU). He is the author of Toras Yekusiel.

There are two insatiable paths before each of us. We can follow the path of physical pleasure and discover that we will always desire more. Whatever exists on the physical level has a corresponding expression in the Spiritual worlds. There is another path, that of attaching to God. God is Infinite and we will soon discover that on this path as well, we will never find total satisfaction. We will always desire more.

Each path is one of desire. Each path extends beyond our grasp. We must choose which path by understanding that on the Spiritual Path, God will guide us and grant us a sense of satisfaction by our connection to the eternal. It is part of the nature of our souls, which derives life from the connection with the Infinite. (Introduction to Torat Yekutiel)

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