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Tehillim Tools: The Three Weeks: 116:3

“I am encompassed with pangs of death and the narrow confines of the grave, upon me; I encounter trouble and sorrow (Psalms 116:3).” There are many people who will pray only when, “I encountered trouble and sorrow.” Only then, will they, “I call upon the name of God (Verse 4).” It is for this reason that King David prays and says, “I beseech You, God; save my soul!” David is praying for God save his soul from believing that one need only pretty when encountering trouble and sorrow. (Rav David of Lelov)


How appropriate is this verse for the Three Weeks! We encountered the trouble and sorrow of the loss of the Temple because we did not pray in joy, as the verse teaches, “Because you did not serve God, your Lord, amid gladness and goodness of heart, when everything was abundant (Deuteronomy 28:47).” We can use the Three Weeks to pray with joy and a sense of abundance, not only because of trouble and sorrow.

We can use the Three Weeks to make a statement that we have learned to not wait for trouble and sorrow to pray, but to pray in gladness, goodness of heart, and abundance.

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