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Tehillim Tools: Shabbat Psalm: 92:10: Connected to the Source

“For behold Your enemies, God, for behold Your enemies shall perish; dispersed shall be all doers of iniquity (Psalms 92:10).” Even God’s enemies receive their existence from Holiness, and if not for this, they would totally lose their existence. It is God’s Will that a person should overpower himself and connect to his source in Holiness.


This then, is the lesson of the verse, “for behold Your enemies, God,” they to are connected to the Name of God, and from this it self a person should be able to place in his heart love of God, awe of God, and shatter his destructive desires, so that then they shall that holds him back will be negated, and his inner good will return to its Source, and naturally, “dispersed shall be all doers of iniquity.” (Yeitiv Panim, Chanukah 36)

This is an excellent verse to use when we feel that we have lost our way and our connection to our Source in Holiness. Especially on Shabbat, when we have the greatest opportunity to reconnect to that Source, we should recite this verse as a prayer beseeching God to help us reconnect to that Holiness, in love and awe of Him, so that we too can shatter any barriers that exist between us and God.

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