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Tehillim Tools: Psalm 85:9: Consolation

“Let me hear what the Almighty, God, will speak, for He will speak of peace to His people and to His devoted ones, so that they do not turn back to folly.”  King David is saying that he would bend his ear, so to speak, to overhear what God was busy with between Him and Himself, meaning when there were no stirrings from below. King David heard that all God spoke of was to bring peace to His people. (Mei Hashiloach, Tehillim)

There are times when I pray and I wonder, “What is God saying in response?”
There are times when world events are so disturbing that I wonder “What is God thinking? What is God saying?”
I then recite this verse and listen as King David listened, in order to remember that when God speaks, even when there is an absence of any stirrings below reaching up, He “will speak of peace to his people and to His devoted ones.” I recite this verse as a verse of consolation.

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