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Tehillim Tools: Psalm 45:14

“All honor awaits the daughter of the King with in the palace, greater than golden settings is her raiment (Psalms 45:14).” The “Daughter of the King,” is a person’s soul that desires to remain “with in” the Kings palace in Have been, and to not have to come down to this world (Zohar, Volume II, 96b). However, they say to her, “greater than golden settings is her raiment,” in this world she will be able to achieve golden Garments of Torah and mitzvot, and then, “In embroidered clothing will she be brought to the King, the virgins in her training are her companions, being brought to you (Verse 15),” many of the Holy Beings will join and accompany her as she is elevated to Paradise. (Ginzei Yosef, Vayikra)


We must view each opportunity to fulfill a mitzvah, and each word of Torah study and prayer as garments we can wear that will accompany our soul to paradise. This is an excellent verse to keep in mind when reciting the morning blessing, “Who clothes the naked.”

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