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Tehillim Tools: Psalm 111:4: Hints of Moshe

“He made a memorial for His wonders, gracious and compassionate is God (Psalms 111:4).” Why does compassion appear in this verse, why is it necessary for when God makes “a memorial for His wonders?” This teaches us that all the wonders that God performed in Egypt were done through the hands of Moshe, and God, Blessed is He, had compassion on his nation, and allowed a remnant, “a memorial for His wonders,” of this strength of Moshe’s to be a vehicle for God’s miracles, to remain in every generation when the righteous are empowered to bring about miracles for the sake of Israel. (Kol Simcha, Vaeira)


This verse has extra resonance as we approach Pesach. It teaches us that when we see a righteous person performs something miraculous, we are witnessing the remnant of the strength of Moshe that was demonstrated in Egypt. It is a way of connecting to the Pesach story.

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