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Tehillim Tools: Psalm 109:22: A Live Heart

“For poor and destitute am I, and my heart has died, chalal bikirbi, with in me (Psalms 109:22).” “Chalal,” as in, “Therefore, my heart moans for Moab like flutes, ka-challalim, (similar to chalal) and my heart moans like flutes for the man of Kir-heres; therefore, the prosperity that they had amassed has been lost (Jeremiah 48:36).” This same word can describe a, “heart that has died,” and a musical “flute.” This teaches us that, although when I view myself, I see that, “for and destitute am I,” however when it comes to my Service of God, my heart seems inside of me like a flute filled with joy over the privilege of serving Him. (Da’at Moshe, Bichukotai)


Although we are constantly reminded and urged to pray with great humility, as “poor and destitute,” we must remember that our humility must not interfere with our hearts playing as joyful flutes when we have an opportunity to serve the Creator. A heart that does not seem like a flute is a sign of too much utility, or more accurately; not true humility.

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