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Tehillim Tools: Loving Others By Using Your Talents

“Happy is he who understands, Maskil, the needs of the lowly (Psalm 41:2).” Rabbi Yonah said, “Happy is the person who uses his talents when giving to those in need.” What does Maskil really mean in this verse? That the person doing tzedakah takes an intense look at the mitzvah situation at hand and considers the very best way to give back to the other person his or her decent and dignified life (Midrash Tehillim 41:3).”


“Charismatic leaders make us think, ‘ Oh, if only I could do that, be like that.’ True leaders make us think, ‘ If they can do that, then I can too’ (John Holt).”

There is more to being creative and using our talents in loving and helping others then the help itself; when we can exemplify a new approach to loving others and acts of tzedakah we can inspire others to say, “If he can do that, then I can too!” An important aspect of the mitzvah to love others is to inspire them to believe that they can achieve ever greater heights.

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