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Tehillim Tools: 35:8-9

“Let desolation come upon him, under a where’s, and as for his own net that he hated, let him trap it, and desolation let him fall. And my soul will exult in God, it will rejoice in His deliverance  (Psalms 35:8–9).” Although I may see, “desolation come upon him,” my enemy, I request of God that, “my soul will exult” in Him, as it is written, “Do not rejoice in the fall of your enemy (Proverbs 24:17).” All I want is to, “rejoice in His deliverance.”


Although it is tempting to pray for our enemies to be destroyed and for God to avenge all the damage they have caused, our emphasis must never be focused on that vengeance, but rather on finding joy in our relationship with God, and rejoicing in His deliverance. King David is reminding us, even when suffering from our enemies, focus your prayers on finding joy in God.

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