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Tehillim Tools 112:9: Tzedaka As A Body Without a Soul

“He distributed widely to the destitute, his righteousness endures forever; his pride will be exalted with glory.” The Holy Baal Shem Tov taught; the destitute are always far more generous in giving charity than others, unfortunately their resources are limited. We must understand what is the purpose of such a reality?

Reb Yisrael of Ruzhin taught that when a person fulfills a mitzvah such as charity without adequate attention and proper preparation, he will still successfully create an angel who will advocate on his behalf, however the angel will be as “a body without a soul.” In order to repair this angel, the person must return to this world as one who is destitute, with the capacity to give generously, but who suffers that he does not have adequate resources. That desire to give with generosity fills this  “body” Angel with soul so that it can become a full angel. At this point that Angel can be described as, “His righteousness endures forever.” (Ner Yisrael)

This is an excellent verse one which to concentrate before giving charity so as to him be you the action with sufficient generosity that it will create an Angel that has both body and soul.

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