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Tehillim Tools: 112:8: Transforming Suffering

“His heart is steadfast, he shall not fear, until he can look calmly upon his tormentors.” What is to be gained from, “looking calmly upon his tormentors?” It is possible to say, that when a person begins to suffer he must examine and deeply delve into  his suffering to understand its purpose.

God is completely good; no bad can come from Him. Therefore, it is certain that there is a reason and a cause for the suffering, such as a punishment for a sin, or for the person to learn a new path in his Service of God.

One who takes the time to think in such a manner, and to repair and refine his actions and his thoughts, will soon find that his suffering disappears until he reaches a point, that, “he can look calmly upon his tormentors,” for he now sees what he has gained from his suffering. (Ohr HaMeir; Acharei Mot)

This is an excellent verse to use when, God forbid, a person is suffering and desires God’s help in understanding its purpose and transforming it into a productive experience.

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