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Tehillim Tools 112:1: Productive Fear of God

“Halleluka! Praiseworthy is the man who fears God.” This verse is describing a man who possesses Awe of God, not just fear of punishment; for that is a selfish and limiting fear.


The difference between them: fear of sin can at best succeed in preventing a person from sinning. However, Awe of God serves a dual purpose; for not only will it motivate the person to fulfill God’s commandments, it will inevitably lead to furthering his love of God. (Dudaim Basadeh; Beshalach)

The dual benefit of Awe of God is the real definition of “Ashrei!” He will grow from and because of his Awe of God.

A person who is working on achieving Awe of God should recite this verse throughout the day with a prayer that he  achieve true Awe, and that his Awe brings both benefits.

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