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Tehillim Tools 106:35: Negative Influence

“But they mingled with the nations and learned their deeds.” The Holy Reb Zisha asked, “Should the verse not have said learned ‘from’ their deeds? Why does it say learned their deeds?


The actions of the wicked create in impure shells that fill the very air we breathe. One who mingles• with such people, is not attach himself to God will before sliding shelves is against his will it is the actions of the wicked Laos and does not attach himself to God, will be forced by the one to sin against his will. It is the  “actions” of the wicked that lead us to sin. (Orach L’Chaim; Vayikra)

This is an excellent verse to use to focus our attention when we find that we are doing negative things in which we are not really invested. Reb Zisha is teaching us that such behavior is considered “forced” by the negative “shells” all around us, and that the solution is to increase our efforts to attach to God.

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