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Tehillim Tools 103:17-18: Unlimited Chesed

“But the kindness of God is forever and ever upon those who fear Him, and his righteousness is upon children’s children, to those who keep His covenant, and to those who remember His commands to fulfill them.” We know that there are always limitations to our acts of kindness in this world. There is a limit to how much we can help. However, “the kindness of God,” referring to our opportunities when serving Him, and fulfilling His Mitzvot, this is, “forever and ever,” without limitation. (Tiferet Shlomo; Emor)

We should also realize that when we perform our acts of kindness as a fulfillment of God’s mitzvah; there are no limitations to how much we can achieve, even in this world.

It is worthwhile to recite this verse before performing any act of kindness to remind ourselves to act in the performance of God’s mitzvah, and with a prayer that, because it is the fulfillment of a mitzvah, it’s affect should be unlimited.

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