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Shavuot: Toledot Yaakov Yosef: Removing Shells

The purpose of studying the World Law, the laws of the forbidden and the permissible, of defilement and purity, of the ritually fit and the ritually disqualified, is as follows:


There are divine spheres of Loving kindness and Judgment. From Lovingkindness comes an expansion of the good and the whole of the right side, while Judgment causes the amplification of the evil urge from the left side. The sin of the serpent engendered a state of confusion between the good and the evil, thus creating a need to study the Six Orders of the Oral Law dealing with the categories of the three polarities mentioned above in order to separate the Kelipot from the good, that is, the forbidden from the permissible, the impure from the pure, and the ritually unfit from the ritually fit. (Toledot Yaakov Yosef; Beha’alotecha)

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