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Timeless Tee Shirts

If everyone else can wear a tee-shirt with their hero’s name emblazoned on it, why can’t I? It is not because I don’t have any pictures: their tee-shirts just have a name a number. Perhaps that’s it: What number could I put on a Ramchal tee-shirt? A Rashi shirt would be awesome, and he must have a, what is it, a higher or lower number than the Ramchal. Do the numbers go up or down?

The other heroes are honored for their sports skills. Fans thrill when Derek Jeter hits a home run. I don’t understand why they are able to enjoy a baseball star’s accomplishments. How does it affect them?

My hero’s accomplishments enrich my life. Rashi’s brilliance not only enlightens me, it stimulates ideas and a passionate love for Torah. The Ramchal’s homeruns continue to resonate in my life as his words push me to grow, learn more, and search for an attachment to God.

Rashi and the Ramchal are timeless. They are as alive for me today as they were when they walked this earth. Torah gives us a live connection that bridges the ages and places. I can sit with Rashi in France, and a few minutes later, find myself at the feet of the Ramchal in Padua.

I pray with the same words as Rashi and the Ramchal. I study the same weekly portion, according to the same schedule as did they a long time ago. My prayers rise above time and place just like my learning. They both offer an opportunity to live a timeless life, only possible, because the Creator Himself is Timeless.

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