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Tikkunim IV

Our study of Tikkun has taken us far beyond the usual idea of fixing. The Talmud offers numerous applications of Tikkun, each a practical tool to maximize our Elul work and preparations for Rosh Hashanah.

We can find another form of Tikkun: “The Sages watched over the interests (Takanat) of the daughters of Israel so that [the bridegroom] should prepare for the [wedding.] feast three days, [namely] on the first day in the week, the second day in the week, and the third day in the week, and on the fourth day he marries her.” – Ketubot 2a

The Sages took Tikkun a step back: They wanted to protect the interests, dignity, and joy of young brides, so they instituted certain procedures to make sure that she would have a relaxed wedding. The Tikkun was not when they instituted the new system; it describes the large and small interests of a young woman about to be married.

The Sages were concerned with even the seemingly insignificant needs of a young woman. We can turn Elul into a month of Tikkun by watching out for the “Takanat,” the needs and vulnerabilities, even those that seem insignificant, of others.

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