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Things Are Changing: From The Personal Diary of a Former Slave

A Silent City

A Silent City

The entire city is shut down. Rumor has it that the entire country is at a standstill. I don’t have to go to work on the pyramids today, it seems that the entire slavery structure has collapsed.

The Egyptians look at us differently. They no longer have that disgusting arrogant look in their eyes as they abuse us and demand that we do all their work for them. Their eyes are dark from thirst. They look at us with desperation. The same taskmasters who, just a week ago, were whipping us to work are now shamefully knocking at our doors begging for water. A few days ago I was, “Slave!” Now they call me Mr.

I handed my old boss a glass of water, which immediately changed into blood as soon as he grasped the glass. I could tell that he was tempted to toss the blood in my face in his frustration and desperate thirst, but he was actually so frightened of me that he controlled his reaction. This is great!

I don’t have to go to work in the morning. My friends and I gather each day drinking fresh water from the local well, sharing our experiences and feelings.

To be honest, rather than celebrate, we are all actually uneasy. We wonder what will happen next.

Are we, as Moses said, going to leave” Where will we go? Why can’t we stay here in Egypt and live as we did in the good old days of Joseph? Why can’t we turn the Egyptians into slaves?

Moshe hasn’t spoken to us since before his very cool snake trick. I can barely understand him when he speaks. I am just one of thousands in the crowd and his speech isn’t that clear, but why is he silent?

I decided to go to his house and found large crowds gathered waiting to hear what he has to say, but he remains silent.

I see his brother Aaron speaking calmly with a bunch of the guys. He’s really a nice and warm fellow.

“So, tell me,” he is saying, “what does it feel like to have water when the Egyptians only have blood? Do you feel that God is taking care of you?”

To tell you the truth, I’ve been so overwhelmed by everything that’s happening, that I haven’t thought about God and me. I mean, I have a problem with God: “Why did He let this happen to us in the first place?

I must have spoken aloud because Aaron turned to me and said, “Are you sure that God placed you in this situation? Weren’t your parents so desperate to prove their loyalty to Pharaoh that they were tricked into slavery?”

I turned my back to him and left. I don’t have to hear this.

I wonder, “If I turn my back on Aaron, will I still have water?”

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