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The Thank You Machine

An Important Message from Rabbi Simcha Weinberg

My students know that I refer to my Tzedaka – Charity box as a Thank You Machine. When I learn a new idea, I rise and express my gratitude to God verbally and in a more tangible way by placing a gift in my Thank You Machine. I do the same after a good prayer, an inspiring Shabbat, and to acknowledge any and all positive experiences.

I keep a Thank You list as well in my Service of God Notebooks, in which I record all my insights, new ideas, life lessons, and everything I learn. Those notebooks are the source of most of the essays on The Foundation Stone, The Foundation Stone Blog, Newsletters and all of my lectures. My expressions of thank you bear fruit.

I ask you to join me in transforming insights and good experiences into Thank You Machines. If you enjoy what you read on this site, please use your own Thank You Machine and contribute to The Foundation Stone by clicking on the Donate button on the home page. We are successfully reaching ten thousand people each week through our lectures, Spirituals and postings. Please support The Foundation Stone and help us expand our reach and impact.

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