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Spiritual Tools: The Zhyditchavor: Inner Fire

The 11th of Tammuz is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Tzvi Hirsch Eichenstein of Zhidatchov (Zidichoiv) (1785-1831), founder of the Zhidachov dynasty and author of Ateres Tzvi. A close disciple of the Chozeh of Lublin, he championed the position that the practice of Chasidism had to be firmly based on the study of the Kabbala of the Ari Hakadosh.


“On the day before the Shabbat they drove me out of Brody and I was in great disgrace. I walked on and on without stopping and when I got home toward evening, just before the beginning of Shabbat, I went to the synagogue in my weekday clothes and could only just manage to say the words of the prayers.

“But in the morning before I prayed, I spoke to God, saying; ‘Master of the World, You see the humiliation of those who have been humiliated, and You see my crushed heart. Give me light so that I can pray to You.’

“Then, suddenly, my heart caught fire. My prayer was a flowing flame. Never before had that happened to me, and it will never happen again.” (“Tales of the Hasidim,” Volume Two by Martin Buber)

When we feel desperate, unable to fuel our own inner fire, we can turn to God and acknowledge that even our internal fire is a gift from Him, and we will experience true passion.

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