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The Voice & Its Sound

God’s voice stopped at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. It seems that what Moshe heard calling to him from the Mishkan was also only an echo. He only heard the actual voice of God when he was inside the Sanctuary. The Voice was able to stop at the entrance to the Mishkan, with the sound reaching all the way to Moshe wherever he was in the camp. There is a difference between the Voice and its sound.

Adam heard the Voice of God walking in the Garden, before God spoke to him. God’s voice has presence. So, I wonder, when God told Kayin “the voice of your brother’s blood is calling to me,” was it too, a voice with a presence, or just the sound, an echo.

When Isaac said, “the voice is the voice of Jacob,” was he describing something with a presence or was Isaac describing the sound?

When the Children of Israel “saw the sounds, or voices,” at Sinai, did they see the actual Voice, or did they see the sound? I imagine that if they were able to see, it must have been the actual Voice, not its sound or echo.

Is there a difference between our voices and their sounds? Have we found our true Voice? Or, do we hear only its sound?

When we ask God to “Hear our voices,” in the 16th blessing of the Amidah, we ask that He hear the voice deep inside our hearts and souls, not just the words. We acknowledge the difference between our voices and their sounds.

How can we learn to use our Voice?

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