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The Visit Part Two

How do the Sages know that God came to visit the ill? Because God did not come to heal Abraham. He sent the angel Raphael for that mission.

Is it possible that God would appear to Abraham and he would not be immediately healed? It seems as if God wanted to separate between His visit to Abraham and the magical healing offered by Raphael.

I spent years in a sick bed, in horrible circumstances, wishing that God would appear. I did not pray for that appearance because I wanted to be healed. I, of course, prayed for healing. But what I really wanted was clarity. I prayed to understand what God was teaching me through my illness.

The Sages are teaching us that when God appeared to Abraham it was not to heal. An appearance was not necessary for a magical cure. God wanted to simply visit and share the moment with Abraham.

When we visit the ill we are tempted to “do” whatever we can to help, and we forget the magic of the simple visit.

People disappear when you are sick for a long time. They are frustrated by their inability to help. They have no idea what the simple visit can do for the person who is stuck in bed. The visitor comes for the person who is sick. The ‘helper’ usually comes for himself.

There is a powerful moment of connection when the visitor says; “I came to see how you are.” It helps more than any medicine. This is why the Sages teach us that God came to visit, not to heal.

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