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Spiritual Tools: The Three Weeks: Loving Others

“It is known that Esau represents the Other Side (Evil), but in truth, our father Jacob did not bow before Esau but before the Holy power, the spark that was with in him, and which is a part of God from Above. And by bowing before this holy spark in Esau, Jacob added holiness to it, and gave the holy spark power to overcome the evil in Esau (Rabbai Natan Natta of Chelm, Neta Sha’ashuim).”


During the Three Weeks is essential that we will work to repair this in of baseless hatred which led to the destruction of the Second Temple. It is not enough to love people we admire and respect, we must learn to love the good we can find in even the most wicked of people, even the Esaus of the world. By finding the good in even the people we are convinced we must hate, we can add holiness to this “holy spark,” and give it the power to overcome the evil.

If there is someone in your life whom you are convinced is evil and deserves to be hated, find his or her holy spark; acknowledgment, honor it, and empower it to transform the person into someone who is lovable.

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