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Prayer Tools: The Soul As Advocate

Even during prayer and Mitzvah performance, it is the body that is functioning. The soul itself remains hidden in the corner. It is in a deep slumber engendered by the very physical existence of this world.

Deep inner work is demanded to stir the soul with spiritual energy, and to shed its physical encumbrances.

Imagine lines of people waiting for an audience with the king. One of the people waiting, notices the princess on the side of the room. He does not want to be only one of the thousands of supplicants before the king. He understands that if he can have the princess advocate for him before the king, his, will not be only one of many requests, but enhanced by the pleas of the princess.

When we stir our souls with our prayer, we are no loner one of the many who are praying, but we gain special entrance and attention, through the efforts of the Divine Soul.

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