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Pesukei D’Zimrah: The Song of History

We introduce the Song of the Sea with King David’s words of hope and expectations (Chronicles I 29:10-13) when he had successfully assembled the necessary contributions and materials so his heir, Solomon, could be ready to build the Temple upon assuming the throne. In the presence of the assembled congregation, he thanked and blessed God for having allowed him to set aside resources for the Divine service.

We then quote Nehemiah (9:5-11): “And they blessed Your glorious Name.” We read the two selections as one paragraph. It is as if Nehemiah was simply beginning where King David left off. We read the two selections as if they were two parts of one song.

Perhaps we do this as the preparation for the Song of the Sea: We describe all the songs of history as part of one great song; a song in which we too can participate with the prayers we sing and with the way we live our lives.

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