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The Silent Symphony

Each individual piece of the orchestra played at its own pace voicing its own music. Not one piece copied another. There was not a sound to be heard other than the soft movements of the members of the orchestra. The symphony was silent. It had power and passion. The listener could discern pain and joy, laughter and tears. There were stories of desperate men and those of hungry families. There were soft tears and there were streams. I heard hearts at peace and souls in anguish.
I went again to hear this silent symphony. There were some new instruments and some of the old were absent. It was just as magnificent but it was a different silent tune.
I will return to hear The Silent Symphony, again and again. Hopefully three times each day. The Silent Symphony is always different and almost always too beautiful for words.
Many know it as the Amidah. I will always treasure it as The Silent Symphony of all of us singing our personal and private music to God.

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