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The Psalm of Redemption III: Chelkat Yehoshua

“To relate Your kindness in the dawn, and Your reliability in the nights.” There are those who serve God with the aspect of “night,” meaning they do not derive any joy from, or sense any connection to, their service of God. They relate to God with “reliability,” without any expression of life and “kindness.”

There are those who serve, at what the Zohar (Volume III 267a) describes as, the highest level of service: Love of God. They serve God with the aspect of “dawn.” They discover kindness in His commandments and teachings. (The Biala Rebbe; Chelkat Yehoshua on Psalms)

Machberes Avodas Hashem:
I imagine Pharaoh’s slaves being able to relate to this idea with extraordinary clarity: As Pharaoh’s slaves, they were familiar with obligatory service. They worked without joy or connection.

Moshe used this Psalm to teach them how to use their Shabbat rest as a joyous act of service and connection. As long as they experienced the extraordinary magic of serving God with love; they were connected to redemption. It is only in such Avodat Hashem that we find ultimate meaning; Ge’ulah.

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