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The Plan: Free Speech?

While everyone was so busy preparing their Offering for our final night in Egypt, I looked up and noticed Bertrand Russell rushing toward Moshe’s house. I certainly never expected the great author of, “In Praise of Idleness,” to rush anywhere, certainly not to the home of a Prophet, but there he was! I just had to know what was happening, to be a fly on the wall as these two great thinkers would talk!


Boy! Was I disappointed! The great Bertrand Russell was pleading with Moshe to exclude all novelists from the Jewish Camp! 


“I already advised my children to never marry a novelist! Did you read how my sister-in-law, Elizabeth von Arnim, brilliantly and mercilessly savaged  my pathologically disturbed brother Earl in her novel, “Vera”? Can you imagine how anyone will relate to German jews after reading “The Caravaners”?”


“I must insist, Moshe, that no novelists be permitted to join us!”


“No gossip columnists!”


“No bloggers!”


Even before Moshe could respond a huge crowd gathered outside to demand that he prohibit all Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, in fact, any texting or cell phones in the camp.


Can you imagine the tensions that will develop with everyone texting about each other and posting images etc about others? The camp cannot possibly afford any of the tensions that usually develop from so many people living so closely together for an extended period of time. 


The only way this can work is without Free Speech!


A perfect way to prepare for Torah as Freedom; No Free Speech!


Tell me, please, was there anything in The Plan for this problem?

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