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Haggadah: “The Original Afikoman” From The Diary of A Former Slave

“Moshe Rabbeinu,” someone said, “you taught us that we have to make a sign on the doorpost to protect us during the Plague of the First Born, which will begin at midnight. Then you told us that we have to finish our Pesach meal before midnight. Wouldn’t it make sense for us to eat the Offering during the plague, not before?”


“Good question,” said Moshe, “but when is the last time you felt that something you did was important enough to last?”


“Exactly,” Moshe responded, “from now on you will know that whatever you do has lasting importance. The “Sign of the Blood on the Door” is a lesson that the things you do not only can protect you, they have a lasting effect. Your descendants will call it the Afikoman.

“By the way; there’s more…”

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