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The Ongoing Revelation

Pinocchio-nosed frogs, gargoyle-faced geckos and the world’s smallest wallaby are among the newly identified species discovered during an expedition to Indonesia’s remote Foja Mountains and announced today. The newfound species they detailed include several new mammals, a reptile, an amphibian, at least 12 insects and a new bird.

The amphibian in question was a tree frog with a long, Pinocchio-like spike on its nose that points upward when the male is calling but deflates and points downward when he is less active. This frog’s discovery was a happy accident, after herpetologist Paul Oliver spotted it sitting on a bag of rice at the campsite. (Yahoo News)

My soul may have been present at Revelation, but my memory was not, at least not at the Revelation of Sinai. However, I am present in a different Revelation, which, as the Shofar at Sinai, increases in power every moment: I live in a world of constant discovery of God’s magnificent creations. This Revelation increases with each new Galaxy discovered by the Hubble telescope and with each new creation we find right here in this world, still to be fully explored.

If we can find this expanding Revelation in our finite world, just imagine how much more we can find in God’s Infinite Torah. I guess I am still present at Revelation.

Thank You, God.

PS: Where can you find this in Hallel?

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