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The Merit of The Righteous Women

How do the Sages know?

The Talmud teaches that the Jews were saved from Egypt in the merit of the righteous women. How did they know?

The first two heroes, or shall I say, heroines of the story are the two midwives, Shifra and Puah, who stand up to Pharaoh and refuse to murder the Jewish boys. They feared God.
Miriam, the baby’s sister is next, as she takes all the necessary steps to protect her baby brother, and refuses to let go. She fights. She is determined.

The next hero, actually, heroine, is Bitya, the daughter of Pharaoh. She saves baby Moses and raises him as a prince. She sees an opportunity and grabs it. She involves herself.

The men, cry out.

The men, lack courage.

The men, do not appreciate opportunities.

The Sages read the story and they knew, it was the merit of the righteous women that kept us alive and prepared us for redemption.

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