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The Meanings of Healing

We pray for people who are ill in every Amidah, and with countless prayers and psalms. What do we mean when we ask for healing? Do the different definitions change the focus of the prayer?
For example: Isaiah 58:8: “Your healing will speedily sprout.” This image of healing as sprouting can be used for someone who has begun to recover from an illness and we want to acknowledge the sprouting of healing and nurture it further. Perhaps we can use this idea when we describe God in the second blessing of the Amidah as the “Healer of the Ill”. The descriptions of God in this blessing are forms of praise: “You, Who are the healer, as we see that the healing has sprouted, will surely heal those for whom we pray.”
Kings I 18:30: “Elijah repaired the ruined altar of God.” Rashi explains the Hebrew word for repair – Rofeh – as rebuilding. It is often not enough for someone who was seriously ill to be healed. Many lives are destroyed by illness and we pray that the healing will include rebuilding and repair.
The word Rofeh is related to Rafa – to soften. When we visit and care for someone who is ill we can soften the blow of the illness.
I invite you to share your insights into the words for healing with all of us.

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