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The Matzah of Humility

The broken Matzah reminds us that a poor person may not even possess a complete Matzah. He must live with very little. He has nothing.

The Matzah itself is a symbol of poverty; it has only the very basics of flour and water.

It is fair to say that the broken Matzah is a symbol of humility.

Humility is a strange, perpetually receding virtue. If you search for it, it vanishes. If you examine yourself and find you possess it, it turns into its opposite – pride or arrogance. You may observe it in a beautiful stranger or friend as long as you remain silent and say nothing about it.

No wonder our final moments of Matzah are called Tzafun, or Hidden. The Matzah of humility can never be found. If it is, the humility will disappear. It must remain Tzafun, hidden, even when found.

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