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The Man

What did they say just before they constructed the Golden Calf?

For this Moshe, the man, we do not know what happened to him.

It does not say that we do not know what happened to Moshe, but rather, Moshe, the Man. They did not wonder if Moshe survived, but if he continued to live as a man, as a human being, after spending 40 days and nights with God in the Highest Heavens. Would Moshe return as a Man or an Angel?

The people assumed that a human being would lose his being a human being with such a connection with God. They forgot that the only way to be a real human being is to live with that level of awareness.

We are often frightened by the intensity and awareness demanded by the Mitzvot. How can anyone live as a human being with such a heightened sense of awareness? How can I function as a regular human being if I use each blessing, each prayer, each Mitzvah, each word of Torah as I should and could. We too ask the same question as they asked before the sin of the Golden Calf.

Moshe became a full human being while living with such awareness and closeness with God.

May we all become such human beings.
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