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The Light in The Dark

He experienced unlimited life and as an astonishing gift, God lifted Abraham above the stars in order to say, “What you experienced was real! You are not limited by the forces of nature or by destiny.”

Abraham’s response was so perfect, that the verse describes God as considering Abraham’s faith as an act of Tzedaka.

This is a human being who is leaping boundlessly up the ladder of spiritual achievement from one verse to the next. He is flying, soaring among the highest angels.

And then a great darkness fell upon him.

Who can imagine that moment of darkness? He soared so high above the stars that all he could see was dark. Why? Why would God thrust Abraham into darkness just as he had experienced such light? God honors Abraham’s faith by calling it an act of Tzedaka and rewards him by placing him in darkness!
Abraham may have asked some questions, human questions, but were his accomplishments so shallow that a question would thrust him into darkness?

This experience was and is not unique to Abraham. Many people, inspired and excited by their relationship with God, soon find themselves in a spiritual darkness, all the heavier because of the great light that preceded it.

Abraham was frightened but not frozen. He immediately began to search for the light in the dark. He understood that his experience was not external, but an expression of something internal that was calling out for attention and repair.

This is what the Sages mean when they describe the darkness as a consequence of his questions. He battled his internal darkness and emerged with the Covenant Between the Pieces – The Brit Bein HaBitarim. Abraham used his own internal light to shine through the darkness and emerge stronger and higher than ever before.

This was Abraham’s greatness and it can be ours as well.

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