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The Future

Controlling The Future

Controlling The Future

Pharaoh was in trouble. He believed in astrology and the stars spelled his eventual doom. A Jew/Egyptian would be born on a specific day, who would topple the king and destroy Egypt. Pharaoh did what he needed to do; he wanted to outsmart the stars. He ordered the death of all babies, Jewish and Egyptian, on that day. Now he didn’t need to worry.

How reliable are the stars? If someone truly believes in astrology doesn’t that mean that his destiny is written? How could Pharaoh believe that he could outsmart the stars? Did he really believe that he would get every single child? That no one would successfully hide a baby? But he was confident. He stopped worrying. How do I know? He allowed his daughter to save a baby floating on the Nile! Strange behavior for someone so concerned with the message of the stars! Slightly inconsistent, I would say.

Once a person starts on the path to controlling his future, he will fall into the same trap as Pharaoh; he will believe that he is in control and he will lose all perspective.

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