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Purim-The Eternity of Israel

Know and understand: each and every nation has a specific guardian angel that came into existence when God dispersed mankind into many nations. Each of these angels is like a head in relation to his nation.


The angel’s function is similar to the function of a person’s head, which directs the rest of his body. Just as life ceases when the human head is severed, so when the power of the Guardian angel above is neutralized, his nation below is rendered powerless. As the prophet states, “God will punish the host of the high heavens on high,” and only then, “the kings upon the earth (Isaiah 24:21).” That is why other nations can cease to assist, because they are all sustained by their guardian angels, and these celestial beings are subject to destruction.

Israel is unique, though, in that it is the, “Portion of God (Deuteronomy 32:9),” chosen to be His inheritance, “Born from birth (Isaiah 46:3).” Israel has no particular guardian angel, but is wholly dependent upon the power of the Divine Presence. It is He Who is the head of the Jewish people, corresponding, though obviously wholly incomparable, to the guardian angels who are the heads of the other nations. The Hebrew letters of Yisrael comprise the two words li rosh, “onto me is the head,” the singular Head of the Kingdom of Heaven, “And His Kingdom rules over all (Psalms 103:19).”

When Israel, because of its many transgressions, is oppressed by other nations, it is in a state of exile under the dominion of their guardian angels. But that is not in the least comparable to other instances of one nation conquering another, for then it is actually possible for the captive nation to cease to exist if its guardian angel was destroyed. Many of the famous nations mentioned in the Bible have vanished totally from history. This happened because their guardian angels were nullified. Surviving members of these people were either taken captive or assimilated into other nations. All memory of the defeated nations was completely wiped off the face of the earth.

However, Israel, “The nation near to Him (Psalms 148:14),” those subject to other nations as their guardian angels, can never be totally destroyed. Its Guardian and head is the sacred Divine Presents, and just as it is impossible for the Almighty not to exist, so Israel’s nonexistence is unthinkable. The Jewish people shall abide eternally and inherit the earth and its fullness. [Use as Kavanah when reciting Psalm 148 in Pesukei D’Zimrah]

Even in the time of their affliction and anguish, the Divine Presence has not departed from them, but protects and saves them. It is as though the radiance of the Divine Presence has invested itself within the guardian angel of the captor nation to protect the Jewish people and ensure its continued existence during the exile. This is accomplished by means of the concealment of the Divine Countenance, as it were, “He has withdrawn His right hand (Lamentations 2:3).” That is what is meant by, “the exile of the Divine Presence among the nations. (B’nei Yisaschar, Adar, Maamar II)

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