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The Conversion

Total Clarity

Total Clarity

“Pharaoh’s daughter went down to bathe by the river,” the Sages teach means that she went to the Mikva, Ritual Bath, in order to convert? Is that a legend? Or, did they read it in the story? How did they know?

She knew. She had to know. Her father had tested the limits of his power to make sure that not a single baby, Jew or Egyptian, would escape. Here she was, finding a baby. She immediately knew that he was a Jew. She hired a Jewish woman to nurse him. This baby, floating in a basket was to grow up in the palace of the king. Something extraordinary was happening. That is not how the Sages know Bitya’s secret.

She decided, AFTER the baby was weaned and returned to her that SHE would name the baby. She not only recognized the unusual confluence of events, and did all she could to move them along; she recognized that she had an opportunity for herself. She grabbed it. That’s how the sages know that she was a convert!

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