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The Altar of Confrontation

Word of Abraham’s miracle quickly spread from city to city. The local authorities appreciated the danger of his revolutionary idea, but were hesitant to confront Abraham, lest they lose as much as did Nimrod.

Abraham left Haran, with his wife, servants, flocks and his new followers. This was not a small caravan traveling along the trade routes south into Canaan. They attracted attention, but it seems that people kept their distance. Abraham’s reputation preceded him along the highways.

He arrived in Shechem and built an altar to God. A caravan is one thing. An altar to a God that was a rejection of all the local gods was something else. Would the local kings and priests remain silent even when Abraham made a big show of serving his God?

They chose to ignore him, and Abraham experienced his first taste that God was actually giving him the land. He was safe, at least until he had to enter Egypt, a land that was not promised by God.

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