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Shema-Tetzaveh-Measurement of Clothes

We say the Shema, “Hear O Israel, God is our Lord, God is a Unity (Deuteronomy 6:4).” When we pray and say in the Amidah, “The great God,” God clothes Himself with greatness. When we say, “The Mighty,” God clothes Himself with Might. When we say, “The Awesome,” God clothes Himself with awesomeness.


The clothes Attribute through which God Himself through our prayers is called “Mother (Tikkunei Zohar 18:34a).” This has the connotation of measurement, where God delineates Himself with a certain measurement and attribute (Elemah Rabbati: Mother in Hebrew is Imah, and this is related to the word Amah, meaning a measure).

The Jew, however, must bind himself to the One Who clothes Himself, to the Root from which the very concept of the garment emanates. This is the concept of, “Touching and yet not touching (Etz Chaim, Shaar Mati viLo Mati).” In this manner, there is no separation, heaven forbid.

This is the meaning of the Shema,  “Hear O Israel, God is our Lord, God is a Unity.”  “Hear O Israel, God,” refers to the level of Godliness that has not yet been clothed.

“Our Lord,” when we say that He is “our Lord,” indicating that He constricts Himself in order to clothe Himself through our prayers.

“God,” actually, every Jew must bind himself to the Ultimate Route. This is the second mention of “God.”

“Is a Unity,” in this manner we recognize that He is a Unity, and everything is then unified. (Kedushat Levi, VaEtchanan)

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