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Teshuva in Responsa XII

In the other Responsum on penance, Rav Halberstam discusses the question of a man who had sinned with a married woman who, as a result, is forbidden to her husband. Is the man himself, or the Rabbi to whom he confessed the sin, obliged to inform the husband that his wife is forbidden to him, or should they keep quiet because the Torah respects human dignity?


Rav Halberstam refers to the decision of Rav Ezekiel Landau that the husband should be informed, but, after analysis of the legal principles involved, comes to a different conclusion. The husband should not be informed.

Rav Halberstam observes that this is the advice given by ‘the great ones of the generation’—i.e. the Hassidic masters, when their Hasidim confessed to them that they had misbehaved with married women.

Part 1, Orah Hayyim, no. 35


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