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Teshuva 4: Making Our Prayers Desirable To God

This essay is dedicated by family and friends to Ingrid bat Amram: May the Study of this Torah and the enhanced prayers earn her further merit for God to grant her requests and care for her beautiful children: The idea of desire is the same in the prayer of Ya’aleh Viyavo. Ya’aleh – “Let our prayer go up.”  And after it goes up, Viyavo – “Let it come into You.” After it comes into You, v’yagiah – “May our prayer meet You.”  V’yeraeh – “And may You see our prayer,” v’yeratzeh – “and may you desire it.”  Do you realize how powerful your prayer has to be, and how beautiful, that God should see it and desire it.  And then, Ve’yishama – “and hear our prayer, va’yipaked – “and respond to it.”  But look at what you have to go through for God to ‘desire’ your prayer.  This is what we want God to do. We want God to desire our prayer.  Actually, we are reminding ourselves.  How many tefillot do we say that are beautiful enough?  How may of us can say that?

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