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Morning Blessings-Terumah-Who Gave The Heart Understanding

The 1st of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yitzchak Meir (ben Avrohom Yehoshua Heschel) of Zinkov, son of the Apta Rav (1855). “Speak to the Children of Israel and let them take for Me a portion, from every man whose heart motivates him you shall take My portion (Exodus 25:2).” The sustenance that Israel takes and receives from God, as in, “let them take,” is considered by God as is they have given it to Him: “you shall take My portion.” (Rabbi Meir of Apta; Ohr L’Shamayim-Terumah)


“Who gave the heart understanding to distinguish between day and night.” Simply by acknowledging that our understanding comes from God is considered as if we have given a gift to Him.

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