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Terumah: Wanting

“And you will make Me a Sanctuary… and thus you shall do” (Terumah, 25:8-9). “For the generations” (Rashi).  If the Children of Israel have a true desire to build a house for the Divine Presence to be revealed, they can obtain it. But if they do not merit it, it is a sign that they still have not reached the proper level of longing.


This is why our Sages have taught us: “Every generation where the Temple is not being rebuilt, it is as if it is being destroyed in their times.” Because, if they had the true will to rebuild the Temple, then it would be rebuilt. (Sefat Emet)

We often fall back on the “if only’s”; “if only the world were a better place, if only there would be peace, if only I could always feel God’s Presence, if only the Messiah would come…”

But we must realize that the reality we are living in is the expression of what we want. If we really desire to have the Temple, then we would have it. All we need is to want it enough.

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