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Amidah-Terumah-Kedushat Yom Tov-Sim Shalom

The 29th of Shevat is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Chananya Yom Tov Lipa (ben Yekusiel Yehuda) Teitelbaum (1836-1904), author of Kedushas Yom Tov. Born in Stropkov, Slovakia, to the Yital Lev, who was a grandson of Rav Moshe Teitelbaum, the Yismach Moshe. Rav Chananya’s primary teachers were Rav Chaim of Sanz and Rav Yitzchak Eizik of Ziditchov. At the age of 28, he became Rav of the small town of Tesh, a position he held for 19 years. After his father’s petira in 1883, he succeeded him in Sighet, Hungary. Rav Chananya had no children with his first wife, a marriage that lasted 14 years. He remained childless for many years with his second wife as well, until Rav Chaim of Sanz gave him a bracha. Indeed, he had two sons, Rav Chaim Tzvi of Sighet, and Rav Yoel, the Rebbe of Satmar. By 1941, 10,144 Jews lived in Sighet, comprising 39% of the town. The town was liquidated via deportation to Auschwitz. But, the community lives on in America and Israel.


“Speak to the Children of Israel and let them take for Me a portion, from every man whose heart motivates him you shall take My portion (Exodus 25:2).” “From every man,” only one who is in this category, “a man,” a human being, not an animal, will be able to achieve the level of, “whose heart motivates him.” (Kedushat Yom Tov)

“For with the light of Your countenance You gave us, God, our Lord, the Torah of life and a love of kindness.” The love of kindness is a gift, one that separates us from the animal. It is only when we acknowledge this gift of love kindness, or, “whose heart motivates him,” that we achieve the necessary status of a human being who merits the opportunity to participate in the construction of the Tabernacle.

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