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Shema-Tenth of Tevet-Prayers That We Are Still Free

Why do we spend so much time in the blessings of the morning Shema describing and praising the Angels?



Israel prays each day, the Angel Michael flies across the world in a single leap, and Gabriel flies in two.


When a word of Halacha is uttered by Israel in prayer or in the fulfillment of any mitzvah that causes the Divine Presence to rest among them, meaning the mitzvah is performed with proper intention, love and awe, these angels rise up and return as the agents of their Master.

In each place where the words of Torah are heard; the Holy One, Blessed is He, is directly present.

The Angels run to the voice to raise it to the highest worlds, and fly back and forth between the Upper and Lower Worlds bringing the words of Torah studied with intention, love, and awe, to the Highest Master, and in this way partner with Israel. (Zohar III, 229b, Ra’ayah Mehemna, Pinchas)

Application for the Tenth of Tevet:

Even when the inhabitants of Jerusalem were stuck with in the city walls, there words of prayer and Torah study, had they been with proper intention, love, and awe, would have had the freedom to escape far above the city walls to the Highest Master. It is therefore essential to make sure that all our prayers, Torah study, and mitzvot during these days are performed and spoken with the highest level of intention, love, and awe.

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